A graduate in Italian and Art History, Emma Caderni worked at Phillips, a leading International Auction House where she specialized in Costumes and Textiles. She moved on to launch her own successful millinery label. Every spare moment, however, was spent collecting vintage and thus, in 2009, Vintage London was born.  


She is a regular exhibitor at Hammersmith Vintage Fashion Fair and and has a Saturday stand in the Red Teapot Arcade on London's Portobello Road. 


Emma also runs a flourishing trade in bespoke headdresses using antique and vintage trimmings from her large archive of curiosities and haberdashery. 




Need something for a film or a photoshoot?  


Want a fantastic bespoke headdress for your wedding?


Need some help devising a vintage theme for an event?


Why not call us and see what we can do to help. 


07961 471 810


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